A Day With Greg The Mechanic

June 7, 2011 gallery admin

Inside Greg the Mechanic

Many cars need loving at Greg’s everyday. It’s likely because he has found a way to balance great pricing with great quality. Most repairs are ready for the customer the next day. Many Orillians have come to trust Greg with more than just brakes and tires.

How does Greg work with his children (your car)? That’s what this photo gallery is supposed to answer. It will take you up-close-and-personal with your mechanic (Greg).

In this Photo Gallery

  1. Car under carriage
  2. Brake rotor and Caliper close up
  3. Greg Repairing Brakes under your car
  4. Greg operating car hoist
  5. A sign on Greg’s front lawn
  6. A view of the front of GregTheMechanic’s shop
  7. Tires and sign display
  8. Tires and sign display close up
  9. Website address on front door
  10. Sign- Yes I do more than just brakes
  11. Sign- Your brake pads and rotors installed for $60 … 705-329-1930
  12. Greg’s whiteboard
  13. Outside tire display
  14. Greg repairing a customer’s car
  15. Greg repairing a customer’s car close up
  16. Greg repairing a customer’s car close up with light
  17. Greg repairing a customer’s car deciding on repair
  18. Greg Can Do It (Wall decoration)
  19. “He is the one” – Trinity (The Matrix)
  20. “Yes he is” –Tank (The Matrix)
  21. I am watching you –Greg
  22. Brake job in progress
  23. Brake job in progress close up
  24. Brake job in progress new view
  25. Car on the hoist (Look at the custom plate)
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6 Responses to A Day With Greg The Mechanic

  1. jim says:

    What can I say about Greg – What a great guy, and just as great as a mechanic. They say when you find a good mechanic you stay with them. So, being a great mechanic who doesn’t over charge you ” if anything, he does it for less” and will tell you straight up what you need NOW and what you need to be thinking about later. AND if he can’t do something HE tells you and will suggest someone who can do the work. I have moved to Toronto, but will still bring my car back to him. He has done so much for me and my car when I really couldn’t afford much, But he works his magic, day in and day out. If you are looking for a mechanic, then look no further, Greg is an HONEST, straight forward mechanic and Orillia is very lucky to have a man like him in there city, if only more mechanic’s were like him and not thinking about how much money they can get out of you. So, once again, THANK-YOU Greg for all the work you have done and good luck in the future.


    Jim Reekie

  2. Jahlin says:

    Extremely helpful aritcle, please write more.

  3. Blade says:

    Thank you very much for this article! This information was very usefull for me=)

  4. mike bates says:

    needed work done on my pickup brakes and ball joints other mechanics were trying to charge me between 700 and a 1000 went to see greg and saved myself hundreds of dollars would highly recommend him he also pointed out things that were going to be needed to be taken care of in the forseeable future thanks greg

  5. Roger says:

    Say I met Greg many years ago through a mutual friend who recommended him as I did need some car repairs he has come a long way since just working out of his house outside under a homemade canopy but the reason for his expansion is being an honest , trustworthy individual who doesn’t want to take you for every cent you have for a car repair very straight forward individual and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone !

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